Design technology for
Ultra-small surgical robots

The endoscopic surgical robot, which must pass through the human digestive system to access the affected area, carries more technical barriers than the previous surgical robots. EndoRobotics holds the world's best technical know-how due to its long-standing research conducted by professional medical staff and roboticists.


Technology for the precise flexible cable control

Technology designed to control the joints of micro-robots using flexible cables. This is a core technology in the field of robot-assisted surgical endoscopic procedures used to enter a longer and more curved path than the robots used for laparoscopic surgery. EndoRobotics holds original source proprietary technologies in this field, and the company has also developed the first robot in the world with a length of 2 m and a cumulated angle of more than 720 degrees to pass through and access pathways (levels essential for entry into the large intestine and stomach).


Hazard detection and
response technology

It is essential for surgical robots to be equipped with a technology designed to prevent and respond to medical negligence and unexpected accidents. All products of EndoRobotics are equipped with a technology designed to recognize various dangerous situations together with the judgment of the medical staff to prevent accidents.


Medical robot
Human interface technology

The interface of medical equipment requires the adaptability of medical staff and a lot of research on the compatibility with existing equipment and prevention of incorrect input, together with intuitiveness and convenience.