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As a global startup for innovative medical devices,
EndoRobotics has achieved remarkable growth
within just four years since our launch.
We always welcome talented people
who are ready to grow into the world's best professionals.

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  • By working together, we can go further to build a better world.
  • We move forward together as a team with considerations and respect for each other.
  • We communicate openly with anyone regardless of position or age.
  • We provide full support for our members to work more efficiently.

We are waiting for the people of talent
who will demonstrate their full potential
in a casual and passionate atmosphere.

Wanted talent

  • A self-directed person
    A self-directed person
    A person who takes initiative to find and solve problems on his/her own
    A person who plays a leading role in his/her work
  • A person with an upright character and the ability to work in a team setting
    A person with an upright character and the ability to work in a team setting
    A person who respects, is considerate, and accepts others with an open mind
    A person who works together with our team members through open communicationto pursue common happiness and contribute to social development
  • A creative person who is ready to step up to challenges
    A creative person who is ready to step up to challenges
    An adventurous and creative person who knows no boundary, thinks outside the box, and mounts a challenge for a better future.
  • A person with expertise
    A person with expertise
    A person who strives to be a top expert by reinforcing his/her competence through continuous self-development

Welfare benefits

  • 01Flextime system

    Flexible hours to alter workday
    Flexible operation

  • 02Generous annual leave entitlement

    Compliance with the Labor Standards Act
    A culture of promoting time off

  • 03 Maternity and paternity leave

    are fully available for everyone

  • 04Congratulations and condolences allowance

    Support for congratulations and condolences (e.g., money, vacation)

  • 05Performance-based bonus

    Performance-based bonus paid according to the bylaws

  • 06Government-backed projects

    National asset building program for employees
    Work and learn scheme, and more

  • 07Horizontal atmosphere

    Everyone is free to offer their ideas and comments
    Casual dress code

  • 08Work smart

    Meetings last less than an hour, Data shared via messenger before meeting
    to ensure efficiency

  • 09Quality jobs created

    Year 2019~2021
    100% conversion rate for regular positions

  • 10Snacks and lunch provided

    Lunch provided
    Cafeteria and snack bar

Hiring Process

  • Apply online

    Apply online

  • Document Review

    Document Review

  • First round interview

    First round interview

  • Final round interview

    Final round interview

  • Check-up


  • Admission


Recruit Part

  • 신사업 기획 및 신제품 발굴
  • 시장 및 고객 분석
  • 제안서 및 보고서 작성
  • 학력 : 대졸이상 (졸업예정자 가능)
  • 경력 : 신입ㆍ경력
  • 4년제 학사 이상 경영 관련 전공
  • 영어 능통자
  • 관련 경력 및 경험 보유자
의료기기 인허가
  • 국내외 인처가 관련 업무, 의료기기 임상시험 관련업무

    국내 인허가 : 1~3등급 제품 등록/변경/밸리데이션 업무

    해외 인허가 : FDA 510K, CE (Class Ⅱa, Ⅱb) : 기술문서 작성, 심사 대응

  • 경력 : 경력 2년 이상
  • 의료기기 RA 전문가 2급 이상 자격증 소유자
  • 영어가능자
임베디드 펌웨어 개발
  • STM32 적용 펌웨어 개발, 의료 로봇용 제어 알고리즘 개발

    STM32를 이용한 펌웨어 개발

    의료 로봇용 제어 알고리즘 개발

  • 학력 : 대졸이상
  • 경력 : 신입ㆍ경력
  • 임베디드 펌웨어 경험자
  • C/C++ programming 가능한 자
  • 의료기기 개발 경험자
  • 통신 프로토콜 개발 경험자
  • AVR / Cortex - M 개발 경험자
  • STM32CubelDE / IAR Workbench 개발 경험자
  • CANOPEN(Cia 402) 통신 프로토콜 개발 경험자
  • RTOS 개발 경험자
  • 리눅스 개발 경험자
의료기기 기구 설계
  • 기구 설계, 양상화 설계, 메커니즘 설계, 3D 설계

    소형 작동 기구 설계

    의료 로봇 시스템 기구 설계

    의료기기 하드웨어 설계

  • 학력 : 대졸이상 (졸업예정자 가능)
  • 경력 : 신입ㆍ경력
  • 3D CAD (솔리드웍스) 능숙자
  • 4년제 기계공학과 및 관련 전공자
  • 하드웨어 설계, 제작 경험자
  • 의료기기 관련 개발자
  • 양산 설계 경험자

Thank you for visiting EndoRobotics

If you have a job position that you are interested in, even if it is not listed in the regular job announcement, please submit your desired job field and resume for further consultation.

If you have any queries regarding recruitment, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to answer all your questions.

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    Monday-Friday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm (excluding public holidays)

  • Address

    3rd floor, Doosan Bears Tower, 81 Wangsan-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul

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